Article en anglais du Dr Sandra Illya Prelinghieri, 

Any semblance of the real, dark azure-blue sky of the 1990s is gone, due to these deadly brews.
Our intermittent so-called "blue sky" that millions of us have seen these past six months is, in fact, NOT a return to our real, blue, pre-Chemtrails sky that we had before this deliberately created nightmare began. This is another illusion.
According to Dr. Castle, this "new color blue is due to the chemical compounds Manganese di-Bromo di-Fluoro-Benzidine (salts). They are added to Chemtrails so that light is not reflected; but, rather, these compounds refract both light and dark. Therefore, it works the atmosphere into what is called 'a coherent phase fiber optics refraction' in a crystalline (the salts) blue material. So, the sky 'looks' blue; but actually it only has the refracted color of whatever color (bright or dark) is above it."
Dr. Castle told me yesterday, "the color is based on ultramarine blue/violet that has been micronized into aerosolized particulates and deployed into the open atmosphere." He notes: "This aerosol has 500 times more manganese and a huge level of a toxic dibromo-flouro-benzene compounds. This helps the aerosols stay aloft for longer periods of time, unlike the heavier barium and aluminum. This also has been tested; and has higher levels of arsenic and gallium, both of which have been independently tested by Arizona Skywatch and others."

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